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Classical Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist Kenny Lockwood

Kenny Lockwood L.Ac. was trained at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC by Master Jeffrey Yuen.  Dr. Yuen is an internationally renowned 89th generation Taoist priest.  His teachings are based in the oral tradition of Empirical Chinese Medicine as it was practiced under the Emperors of ancient China. He currently holds a bachelor of professional studies (BPS), a Masters of science (MS L.Ac.) in Acupuncture, and a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (Dipl. OM).

Kenny Lockwood, L.Ac.


237 Commercial Street

Whaler's Wharf, 3rd Floor

Provincetown, MA  02657


Benefits of Classical Chinese Medicine

  • Recent systematic reviews find that acupuncture is a promising treatment option for anxiety, sleep disturbances and depression, as well as more serious clinically diagnosed mental and emotional disorders.

  • As a system, acupuncture works to realign, rebalance and eliminate the root and branch causes of long term pain conditions. It is effective for the treatment of acute/chronic pain.

  • Acupuncture alievates the pressure of everyday stress brought on by active lifestyles.  It can be an effective treatment for stress relief.

  • Reintegration and balancing of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Overall sense of well-being

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