Used in conjuction with acupuncture, acutonics is a system of acoustic resonance repatterning.  This modality serves to realign the humors of blood, fluids and Qi, thereby realigning the body, mind and spirit.


A modality similar to massage which stimulates and draws out stagnation of blood, fluids and Qi stuck in the skin and muscle layers of the body. The result is improvement of circulation and reduction of pain.

Classical Acupuncture

As a system, acupuncture work to realign, rebalance and eliminate the root and branch causes of long term pain conditions. Classical Acupuncture is highly effective for the treatment of acute or chronic pain and illness of the mind, body and spirit.

By appointment only.


Treatments are usually 60-75 minutes.


The treatment includes examination of the twelve primary pulses and the tongue as well as questions regarding physiological processes of the mind, body and spirit.

Treatments  $120